Dr. Albertson is Dean of the Birdsong School of Social Science at Virginia Wesleyan College. He received his B.A. in History, and both his M.B.A. and  Ph.D. in Urban Studies from Old Dominion University.  While at Virginia Wesleyan, he has served as Chair of the Social Sciences Division, Associate Dean of the College, and Coordinator of the Department of Management, Business, and Economics. He has taught at Virginia Wesleyan since 1979 and was recognized in four recent consecutive editions of "Who's Who Among America's Teachers."

Bob has been deeply involved in civic and historical organizations, including the Olde Towne Civic League and the Olde Towne Foundation.   He was the first recipient of the Emily N. Spong Historic Preservation Award and, in 2002, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the City, he authored “Images of America:  Portsmouth, Virginia.”

He has been active with the Board of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Hampton Roads and the "Virginia Beach 2007" commission, in which, as President of The Order of Cape Henry 1607, he had a leading part in the ceremonies commemorating the landing of English explorers on April 26th of that year.   A member of Phi Alpha Theta (History), Sigma Beta Delta (Business), Pi Alpha Alpha (Public Administration), and Phi Kappa Phi (Academic Excellence) academic scholar societies, he lives in his hometown of Portsmouth with his wife, Lorraine.

In 2014, after having served for 32 years as president of The Order of Cape Henry 1607, Bob passed the gavel to J. Stuart Nesbit; fortunately, he retained his seat on the Council as President Emeritus.  Not surprisingly, it hadn't taken long for the other officers, most of them green, to realize just how valuable an asset he would be, whether to mentor, to provide historical references and points of contact or, as has been the case, to sound the alarm when it's time to wake up.

Shuddering at the implications of losing such wise counsel and leadership, the Council voted to increase its size by one seat, which the members named in honor of the president with a lifetime membership, Dr. Robert Brooke Albertson, Jr.

E X P L O R E   T H E   O R D E R


​The Order of Cape Henry 1607 was founded in 1919. in advance of its first pilgrimage on April 26, 1920 (a Friday) “to commemorate the birthplace of our American heritage and remind the entire country of the event that made us a Christian nation of English-speaking people." Documented in books and journals, gubernatorial papers and in the Congressional Record of the United States, the Order has been named in the proclamations of numerous Virginia governors and mayors, and has been the subject of correspondence from several United States presidents. 

While the Order serves as the umbrella under which all events, participants, sponsors and hosts are organized, its mission is to assure the annual commemorations. Celebrated every year since 1920, the "Pilgrimage to the Cross" is the oldest, continuous historical observance in Virginia Beach and Virginia's former Princess Anne County.