Depicting the first Thanksgiving in the history of America's heritage held on April 29, 1607 by the English Cavaliers, who landed at Cape Henry three days earlier, the 11" service plate, manufactured by Lamberton Scammell exclusively for use by the Cavalier Hotel from 1927 through 1942, also portrays (in triplicate sets encircling the central image) the three English vessels,, which sailed from England on December 6, 1606:: the ships Susan ConstantGodspeed and Discovery.

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B L E S S E D   A R E   T H E   P E A C E M A K E R S

The Cavalier opened its doors to paying guests with great fanfare on April 9, 1927; a success it may not as well have enjoyed were it not for the many, well-settled and often subtle contributions of Virginia's governor, whose personal interest was piqued a year earlier, when, on April 26, 1926, he officiated the first, formally organized "pilgrimage" to Cape Henry since that of the Sulgrave Institution in 1920.  Like President Roosevelt before him, Governor Harry Flood Byrd adopted the pilgrimage as a legacy initiative, attending the event every year of his term. 

On May 19, 2014, the Cavalier Hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places, as documented by the National Park Service in numerous places, including the Service's online posting and the final 58-page document.  


B L E S S E D   A R E   T H E   P E A C E M A K E R S

The Historic Cavalier Hotel