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        A proclamation by the governor of Virginia and 
a message from the President of the United States customarily                                                             highlight the observance.


The American Book of Days” (1978)

1907-04-26  Jamestown Tercentennial (300th) Event Begins    ►G 
1926-04 Pilgrimage    Pilgrims, Vehicles, Old Cape Henry Lighthouse  ►hh
1928-04-26  321st Anniversary Ceremony Speaker Virginia Governor Harry Flood Byrd ►P 
    Honor Guard  12th Coast Artillery Regiment  ►Q 
1931-04  324th Anniversary Ceremony  Speaker  US President and Mrs. Herbert C. Hoover  ►O 
1931 Cape Henry Cross (Permanent)  Concept  Mrs. James Branch Cabell of Richmond (NSDAC) ►b
1932-1933 Cape Henry Cross (Permanent)  Design & Fund  NSDAC and ATVW  ►nolink  
1933-1935  Cape Henry Cross (Permanent)  Construction  Lawson & Newton Monuments, Norfolk    
1934-1935  Cross Base (GA granite) Installation  Lawson & Newton Monuments, Norfolk  ►S 
1934-1935 Cross (Mount Airy NC granite) Installation Lawson & Newton Monuments, Norfolk   ►R 
1934-1935 Apron (Buckingham VA Fieldstone) Installation Lawson & Newton Monuments, Norfolk    ►T
1935-04-26  Cape Henry Day (328th Anniversary)  Speaker  Virginia Governor & Mrs. George Campbell Peery  ►d 
  Dedication of New Granite Monument    National Society, Daughters of the Amer. Colonists  ►q ►r ►s ►t 
  Cape Henry Day (328th Anniversary)  Written RSVP  Signed by President Roosevelt on January 25th  u
1937  Cape Henry Cross Monument  Visitors    ►J 
1940  "The Romance of Cape Henry"  Published  In re ATVW & Cape Henry Memorial Commission   
1947-04  Cape Henry Day (340th Anniversary) Attended  Right Reverend (Bishop) William A. Brown  ►N 
1951-04  Cape Henry Day (344th Anniversary)  Venue change  Church of Christ and Saint Luke's, Norfolk  ►j ►k 
1954-04-26  Cape Henry Day (347th Anniversary)  Proclamation  Signed by Gov Thomas B Stanley on March 23rd  ►n
1955-04-24  Cape Henry Day (348th Anniversary)  Clipping   ►m 
1956-04-29 Cape Henry Day (349th Anniversary)  Program    ►o 
1956-04-26  Cape Henry Day (349th Anniversary)  Proclamation  Signed by Gov Thomas B Stanley on March 29th  ►p 
Cape Henry Day (350th Anniversary)  Participants  Three Ships, Reenactors, Performers  ►K ►L 
1968-04-28  Cape Henry Day (361st Anniversary)  Speaker  Virginia Governor Mills E. Godwin, Jr.  ►F 
1970  Cape Henry Day and Order of... 1607 Registered  Bicentennial Commission, US Dept. of Interior  ►E 
1971-04-17  Cape Henry Day (364th Anniversary)  Replied  US President Richard M. Nixon  ►M 
1978  "The American Book of Days" (Hatch)  Published  Describes "Cape Henry Day"  ►► 
1981-11  Cape Henry Monument (200yd west) Relocation  NPS, City of VB, US Army  ►H ►I 



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